Special Touches: Wax Seals

If there was something I have always loved, it has been receiving an invitation to help celebrate someone's special event. What would make those moments even more memorable was when there was a special touch added to the envelope. One of those special touches is wax seals. 

All throughout history, seals have been used as an official signature. If something needed signing, the mark of your ring with some wax did the trick. Fast forward to the present and some seals are still used for the same practice. However, what most people know it for today is the final touch to an invitation. 

I had always wanted to acquire a seal with our logo on it. We would use it for Thank You Cards and brown paper packages tied up with strings. ;D I stumbled upon BackToZero and fell in love instantaneously with her shop. Who wouldn't love multiple colors of wax and customized seal designs?!

Even with all of the options offered by the shop, BackToZero offers a service near and dear to our hearts. They offer the service to create your own custom seal. This means that you can create something for your big day and it be specific to your theme or yourself in general. 

After some time, we finally ordered our own. I cannot tell you how easy Lingke made our transaction. She will let you know if your logo or image needs to be resized. She also offers traditional sealing wax and sealing wax can be placed in a glue gun, allowing for easier application of the wax (and less black burn marks in the wax).

I suggest that if you are planning a special event or want something to make your personal stationary stand out, think about creating a custom wax seal. It will be something you can use for any occasion. If you need help deciding on a design, take a look at BackToZero's shop or ask us to create a design for you. Lingke will take the design and create a beautiful seal for you to use and cherish.