Thalatta Estate Bridal Expo

Okay okay, let's just say I haven't been one of the most consistent bloggers ever...but I want to share these wonderful photos before this year's expo took place. ;)


On Sunday, September 27th, We participated in the 3rd Annual Thalatta Estate Bridal Expo. This specific expo has a small soft spot in our hearts as it was the first Bridal Show or Expo we had ever participated in. Needless to say we were excited to go back. 

This time around though, we were super stoked because Tracy-Ann Jarrett's Photonotions whipped out their cameras and got some really nice shots of the day and all of the vendor's booths. I won't lie...ours was my favorite. ;)

If you are interested in going to this year's bridal expo at Thalatta Estate, click here to RSVP. :) Make sure to stop by and say hello!