It's Official ;)

There are big moments in life were you find yourself constantly pinching yourself, asking "Is this really real?". Whether it be landing your dream job, finding your penguin, or finally getting to check off an item off of your bucket list; it's such an awesome feeling to finally be able to say, "I'm here". 

I've been pretty quiet lately. Not too many posts throughout the social media universe; absolutely no blog posts. It wasn't for a lack of business or news; there was just something bigger going on. :)

As you are reading this blog, I would like to formally announce on behalf of both Gus and I that it's official. ;)

Photo taken by the fabulous  Kristy & Vic Photography

Photo taken by the fabulous Kristy & Vic Photography

That's right! Gus and I have purchased our first home. :D

We've already received many "Congratulations!" and "Welcome to the Mortgage Club" from loved ones and close friends. We've even been jokingly (maybe not jokingly) told that the bank owns us now. But honestly we couldn't be happier!! We've been taking time to get the house ready before our big move. Applying fresh coats of paint, getting rid of the rug (YAY TO LESS ALLERGIES), and taking the time to add our own little touches to the place we are so excited to call "HOME". 

As you read this, we will be moving and saying goodbye to the small apartment that we moved into five years ago at the beginning of our marriage. Those walls could tell so many happy, sad, and all around wonderful stories. I think I speak for both Gus and I when I say that we are excited to close this (apartment living) chapter and begin a new one here in our house (still feels weird saying it...remember the pinching yourself thing I mentioned earlier...kinda doing that right now). 

Thanks for keeping tapped in with us and I can't wait to share all the goodies and photos I've been piling up in the mean time.