How I didn't follow my own advice

So if you recall a few months ago, I wrote a post with some sound advice about using Pinterest as a tool to record ideas for your special event. How easily it was to get lost in the vast amount of pins and details that are just perfect, followed by the overwhelming feeling at how much each of those "ideas" truly cost.


Ugh...yes. I admit it. I totally gushed over gorgeous and smart pins that promised not only functionality in my new home, but the DIY (Do It Yourself) way to get 'er done. But as I followed each pin to it's source, I slowly realized I hadn't followed my own advice to my clients.

I will admit that the one thing falling through the Pinterest Rabbit Hole did was at least gather my thoughts on what I wanted our special space to look like. I was encouraged with some pins that proved my ideas weren't as crazy as I thought.

What was the last thing you obsessed about on Pinterest? Please let me know...I can't be alone. ;)