Five Year Anniversary - Just Us Session

As some of you know, Gus and I recently celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary as well as monumentally turning 30 (our birthdays are less than a month apart). Aside from our celebratory trip out to Vegas (in due time I'll be sharing more about our fun time there), Gus and I...well mainly I...really wanted to document this moment in our lives. As some of you might also remember, this past year was a big year for us as we also purchased our first home. So needless to say, I felt it was a big deal that we document where we are now.  

This is when the wonderful Stephanie Sonju of Sonju Photography and Juju Booth came into the picture (total pun intended). We have known Sonju for some time now and I have always admired her Day in the Life sessions. She just knows what moments are the rawest and most beautiful to capture. Needless to say, she was on the top of my list when it came to the idea of someone coming and documenting Gus and I. So on January 8th, I happily ran downstairs to begin our session and here are some of our favorite moments. 

Needless to say, Gus and I couldn't be more in love with our session and I would say everyone needs to do something like this. Whether it's just you, your spouse, kids, or pet; sometimes capturing those small moments really need to be documented.

Thank you, Sonju. You're da bestest.