2018: A New Adventure for a New Year

As another year has come and gone, I can't help but be so grateful for what 2017 brought our way. 

Going into 2017, I wasn't sure we could top all of the exciting things we, Gus (my husband) and I, had experienced throughout 2016. We took two trips out of Miami and got to see New York and Las Vegas for the first time ever. The fact that we both got to see a city get covered in snow right in front of our eyes and got to see the beauty and glory that can be found in the wonder that is the Grand Canyon. We also had FINALLY bought our own little casita and felt like life was finally starting to move forward. 

But oh, how 2017 showed up to impress. While there were some not so fun moments that will remain nameless, this past year really opened new doors with new possibilities that can best be described as dreams come true. In April, I made a huge decision to take a leap of faith and make Only One Mark, Inc. my sole source of income. As scary as that was (even to say it out loud), it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. While this change hasn't been easy (nor did I expect it to be), I'm still learning new things one day at a time and even surprise myself from time to time with the #girlboss looking back at me in the mirror. Another major decision was to rebrand Only One Mark, Inc. in August.  It not only gave the company an update it desperately needed, but also opened the door to allow Gus to take a step back behind the scenes and I a step forward to being the main voice for our company.  

And how could I forget all of the wonderful design opportunities this new year presented for OOMI as well. There have been so many wonderful clients that I just couldn't be more grateful for and so many opportunities from Vendors to help bring details of their styled shoots to life. So without further ado... below are some highlights from this past year including our #2017bestnine that was generated from our 2017 top Instagram posts.


But wait! I've saved the best for last...

You may or may not have noticed that things have gotten a little quiet (too quiet even for me) on our blog and social media profiles. Well, there is a huge reason for it. 


🎉 Gus and I are so excited to announce that we are EXPECTING!! 🎉

Baby G's Announcement/Only One Mark Inc Star Wars Jedi Announcement

We found out on Halloween that we were expecting our own little Padawan (aka young Jedi in training). While we don't know if it's a girl or a boy (and trust the #teamboy & #teamgirl guesses have begun between family and friends), Gus and I couldn't be more excited about this new life chapter. Baby G is already loved so much by so many and I can't wait to share more with you as each month goes by. #maytheforcebewithus ✨