Wedding Invitations Are Family Heirlooms

When I was small, I remember moments where I or my sisters would ask my mom to tell the story of how she met my dad. Something about listening to their random meeting always seemed to intrigue us. You see, my dad actually saw my mom in traffic and proceeded to follow her home. He would pull up next to her and signal for her to pull over. Being the smart woman my mother is, she kept signaling him to follow her home knowing my grandfather and uncle would be home. Once they arrived to my grandparents house, my dad ended up meeting my mom's family and formally asked her for her phone number and to take her out. It was definitely a different time then, but always a fun story that would lead to how my dad proposed to my mom and finally when to the story of the day they got married.

So, needless to say that when we were clearing out a family storage locker recently, we found some of the most precious momentoes of our family's history. Things that have fabulously stood the test of time. These pieces are some of the only momentos they have from their wedding day..

Photo Credit: Dipp Photography | Design + Print: Nuñez Printing & Invitations

Photo Credit: Dipp Photography | Design + Print: Nuñez Printing & Invitations

Photo Credit: Dipp Photography | Design + Print: Nuñez Printing & Invitations

Photo Credit: Dipp Photography | Design + Print: Nuñez Printing & Invitations

It's an incredible feeling to have been able to see this piece of my parent's history together. Just to see how simple and yet how elegant the invitation was. And let's not forget the small reception card placed for guests to know where to go. just makes my stationers heart go a flutter.

Photo Credit: Dipp Photography | Design + Print: Nuñez Printing & Invitations

Photo Credit: Dipp Photography | Design + Print: Nuñez Printing & Invitations

And...let's be frank here, the fact that my parents actually have the polaroid photos from that day could almost be compared to the cell phone photos from today. Their invitations are truly family heirlooms that are an important piece to their beginning. 

Although their photo albums weren't found in the best condition (friends, take these and other important photos with you if you have to put stuff into storage), it was still a blessing to see these captured pieces of what was my parent's beginning.

The most important photos of the ceremony made it to this small album.

Photo Credit: Dipp Photography | Wedding Photo Credit: Louis Martinez

Photo Credit: Dipp Photography | Wedding Photo Credit: Louis Martinez

Photo Credit: Dipp Photography | Wedding Photo Credit: Louis Martinez

Photo Credit: Dipp Photography | Wedding Photo Credit: Louis Martinez

So in closing, I want to stress something to you that may make a little more sense now after seeing these small, irreplaceable treasures. Friends, don't let anyone tell you that you don't need invitations or a photographer, videographer...anything for that matter. I would encourage you to do your own homework, work out your budgets and see what is most important to you. I can tell you wholeheartedly that I'm so happy they have these pieces to not only share their story with my sisters and I but to the rest of the family to come.

My Parents at Our Wedding | Photo Credit:  Baron's Visual Images

My Parents at Our Wedding | Photo Credit: Baron's Visual Images

The Invitation That Started It All

Isn't it funny that for most of us, the one thing that holds the highest significance why we start our businesses or new life chapters isn't something that everyone gets to see? Funny enough, I was made aware some time ago that I've never shared an actual image of our wedding invitation. This was just a part of our story that I hadn't thought about before. Of course, I've told our story of how our business started to clients and vendors. It's been one of the bits of information that remained after our rebrand back in August. But this is the first time our invitation will be seen (unless you were a recipient of the invitation of course). 😉

Photo Credit:  Dipp Photography

Photo Credit: Dipp Photography

Something I would like point out is that this wasn't the first invitation I had made before. In fact, I had been creating invitations for some very important family celebrations such as both of my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversaries and helping a one of my dearest friends with her bridal shower and wedding invitations. These weren't elaborate invitations at all, not like what you've see from me today. But...our wedding invitation was the first real moment I got to create something that reflected the people behind the event. It was a lot more personal and meant so much more.

You see when it came time to decide on our invitations, I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted to let guests know exactly how magical this moment in our lives was going to be. While we visited a few invitation shops, they just didn't have what I was looking for. Needless to say that the more "Nos" I received, the smaller I felt. If it hadn't been for Gus' encouragement, we would have probably gone with some plain, mundane invite that everyone else was using. 

Don't get me was a ton of hard work. I bought shimmer paper to really give the "shining, shimmering, splendid" feeling I desperately wanted to glow from the invitations. My mom found invitation packs at Target 🎯 on a clearance rack that had similar, delicate design that my wedding dress also had. I looked up through countless rules of invitation etiquette while adding some new twists to personalize our invitation suite a little more. We may have also sent them out a little later than we should have 😅 , but the results were worth it. 

So what would be my one bit of advice if you choose the same route that I did for my wedding day? PLAN AHEAD.🗓  Do your research and see if the cost and time spent (because it will take a lot of time) is really worth it for your time frame and budget. I have had cases where brides have come to me either having experience with DIY projects or know how design, but just didn't have the time to create their invitation suite. Designing them yourself can also bring extra purchases like paper cutters, extra paper and envelopes for "just in case" boo boos. 😱 🤕 

Well, that's that. Now you can't say you haven't seen our wedding invitations. 😜 😁  And maybe...just maybe...I'll be sharing some of our wedding photos too. 

Across the Universe - A 70's Styled Shoot

There are just some themes to parties that some folks dread. I think 70's themed parties are one of those themes that have unfortunately become seen very cheap and tacky. Needless to say I was intrigued when Christy from Christy V. & Co. reached out through Instagram to discuss such a theme. After chatting at a local Starbucks talking about our businesses and Dave Ramsey, it was clear that we were going to work well together (and become great friends in the process). 

I'll tell y'all point blank, with the help from the other creatives that were involved and Christy's guidence, I could have never imagined such a non-blank version of the 70's era being so breathtaking. Want to breathe in this groovy scent of Strawberry Fields? Come Across the Universe with us into this picturesque shoot.

Wanna see these details in action? Check out this gorgeous video below.


Venue: C&I Studios
Planner: Christy V & Co.
Photographer: Erica Melissa
Filmmakers: Made With Love Films
Furniture: Simple Rustic
Florals: Simple Florals
Macrame: HelloChiqui
Cake: Lalisweets
Makeup & Hair: Marz Makeup & Hair
Dress: Lighthouse Bridal and Letterpress Design
Suit: My Grooms Room
Veil/Shoes: Champagne and GRIT
Invitation & Calligraphy: ONLY ONE MARK, INC. 😘 💌 
Nail Art: Luv Nail Shop
Blog: The First Look

Models: Erika+ Brian (Super Cuties that made me wish I was getting married again...or at least posing for a shoot with Gus) 😉 😊

Want to see more of the photos? Check out this link from our friends over at Erica Melissa who give you a view of the full shoot.

Are you inspired to incorporate some of these details into your own wedding or special event? Click below to read more in our feature on WeddingWire.

Tropical Garden Romance Styled Shoot

There are always amazing opportunities out there that one just can't say no to. This is how I felt about the Styled Shoot proposed by Priscilla from Events by Priscilla and Erica from Erica Melissa (we've talked about her before...I know you remember). Anywho, it turns out the fabulosity fo the shoot could not be contained and.... WE GOT FEATURED!!

Floral Invitation Suite|Only One Mark Inc|Erica Melissa.jpg

My heart just may burst. Ok, so make sure to click the link below and check out the full feature.

Vendor Love Logo|Only One Mark Inc

Venue - Samsura Miami | Melanie Events Design

Photography - Erica Melissa

Planning & Design - Events by Priscilla

Floral Design - A Lavish Moment Event Design

Rentals - SLE Vintage and More

Paper Goods & Calligraphy - Only One Mark, Inc. (US!! 😍)

Hair & Makeup - Visions by Daili

Dress - La Vie En Blanc

Suit - My Grooms Room

Cake - Love of Sweets

Bridal Accessories - Champagne and Grit

Models - Laren Bates & Jose Guillermo Rivas