Hargrave Ever After

We first met Brittany and Glenn at the first bridal show we had ever participated in. :) We clicked immediately. Similar to our story, Brittany was having a tough time finding nautical themed invitations that had a little bit of Disney magic to them (without cuing in our favorite mermaid or missing clown fish). ;) 

Incorporating the colors mint, navy blue, gold and a little inspiration from the Disney Cruise line, we came up with a design that was perfect for this November Bride. We even added a little bit of Star Wars inspiration upon Glenn's request. ;) 

If you carefully notice, a little bit of pixie dust adorned each table number. :D

If you carefully notice, a little bit of pixie dust adorned each table number. :D

And I would be remiss not to include at least one photo of the lovely couple. ;) 


Venue - Lighthouse Point Yacht Club

Stationery - Only One Mark, Inc.

Photographer - Amber Sycz Photography

Bridal Gown - David's Bridal

Hair - Hair I Am, Again By Rori

Makeup -  Melanie Jane


Setting Sail with Nautical Designs

As the cold weather and snow seem to plow through the country, it almost feels like summer cannot come soon enough. Let's warm up a bit and get in the mood, shall we?

Video by ©Royal Caribbean International

Okay....maybe I got a little too literal with that one...but you catch my drift (no pun intended. Really!)  

We are getting more and more inquiries from couples who are having shipboard weddings. They want designs that will have their guests feeling the ocean mist while still keeping a formal attitude. You also have some couples who want to have some fun as their big day is definitely not your usual wedding experience. Check out some of the nautical stationary we have created for just the occasion.

There are so many colors, shapes, and elements of design to play with when it comes to a Nautical theme. Are you having a nautical theme for your big day? What elements would you incorporate if you were?

If you have further questions about our designs and how we can create beautiful designs together, please click the "contact us" button below.