Meeting David Tutera

Yes, let's all take the epic-ness of the title in for a moment. Let's especially pay attention to the part where the name "David Tutera" is mentioned.

But I digress. Let me start from the beginning. As any Bride-to-Be, Disney Wedding Fan, or Wedding show junkie will know, David Tutera is one (if not the best) of the most talented wedding/celebration coordinators anyone can ask for. His sophisticatedly, blunt method of "telling it like it is" shocks most on his show "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera". But in the end, you can see why he insisted on the fitted lace dress instead of the puffy, tulle ball gown.

So as you can imagine what happened once I was told by a Bride-to-Be that I could be added as a Plus 1 to her party to go see him at our local Macy's retail store. I was ecstatic as some of the most important pieces from our wedding in 2011 were from Mr. Tutera's first line of Wedding items. My prized "sign in" book has small inklings of Disney fairy tales and include photos from our engagement photo shoot. 

I almost didn't meet the famous wedding planner, but I won't go into detail of the fiasco that ensued that morning. Instead, I will tell you about how wonderful it was to watch him at his best during his presentation on the special registry system Macy's offers their Brides-to-be. He offered advice of all kinds. He talked about what was the best type of flatware to use in regards to occasion, the difference between pressed and natural linens, but what most affected me was something else he said. While answering a question about destination weddings, he said something very relevant to what (hopefully) those who are in the celebration business all truly believe in. 

"When planning your wedding there are very few times that we have everyone stop and breathe...This is why I still do what I do and love what I do...We take that time and allow these people to escape from their everyday life and be in a moment that you put together for them. This is a time in life where they don't remember all the problems that they have...your responsibility is that your guests are feeling that they are walking away from something special." - David Tutera

Ultimately, as a supplier of Save the Dates, Invitations, R.S.V.P.s, and other necessary items for your special day, you are sending your guests on a journey into a moment that you are creating. One that you will look back at fondly and only remember the small moments that will still make you smile. 

I will leave you with one (or two) last images from that day and a word of advice. Always take a chance at an opportunity when appropriate. I ended up taking our "sign in" book to the event and was able to get it signed by the man himself. :D It was very exciting to finally meet the wedding guru and (get this) have him compliment me on how nicely decorated the book was. In his words, "This turned out quite nicely. Exquisite!"

Stay tuned for another blog where I'll feature some highlighted questions and answers from the event. ;) Until then..."Always Dream Bigger"

The Confusion with Registries

Anyone who has had, thrown, or been invited to a wedding or baby shower knows all too well of the confusion and frustration purchasing from a registry can be.

As the bride or expectant mother, registries are a great way to get exactly what you need for this great new milestone in your life. However, sometimes the way you tell your guests about the registry might not be the best method. Some retailers (I won't name any names) will give you a cute, little 2" x 2" card that has the store information on it, but will have you fill in your information. I was even sent one that had a specific location for the retailer highlighted (of which I just thought was really snooty). Here are some questions that some people don't think about when they create a registry:

    1. What if you have multiple places you are registered at? Now-a-days, most are aware of the difficult times we find ourselves in and are conscious that not everyone can pay for the precious, fine china that costs an arm and a leg. So, instead, they will choose two different retailers that will meet all their guest's needs.
    2. What if the retailer doesn't offer registry cards? Yes, there are some retailers that do not find purpose in creating these helpful guides. This just means that your guest will rely on the information either on the invitation or by word of mouth from other guests.
    3. What if the registry can only be found online? These retailers will go with the computer culture and just expect you to send an email your guests with a link directing them to the site. That might cut off some of your guests since not everyone is computer/internet friendly.

    You might just say, "Well, I'll just put the information on the invitation" or "Those who know us best will know how to find our registry". Oh and let's not forget the infamous "If people truly know us, they will find our registry through our names."

    To these responses, I remind you that not all guests are alike. Some guests will not remember to take their invitation with them to the retailer, let alone remember your name. It is always best to simplify instead of complicate. Hence, we created the answer to this conundrum.

    Custom Registry Cards we've created will help your guests efficiently choose where to go purchase the gift for your special event. It is small enough to be placed into any purse or wallet and contains the names of those registered (Bride, Groom, Mother-to-Be, etc).  This includes those great places online. You could even include your direct web address. Here are some great images of some of the cards we have created.

    So until next week! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

    Made in any shape, color, and size, Custom Registry Cards are the way to go.