As September Rolls In...

As September rolls in, I'm really looking forward to getting out some awesome new designs. We are also excited to be participating in the Thalatta Estate Bridal Expo on Sunday, September 27th. Some of you may remember that our first Bridal show was at Thalatta Estate, where we met some of the best clients we could have ever asked for. :D We can't wait to go again and meet some more fabulous couples and vendors. Come stop by and say "Hi". We promise not to hug you, unless requested. Being outside in Miami weather for a few hours will leave us feeling a little sweaty, but its worth it. LoL

I also started reading a book by Lara Casey called Make It HappenThere has been (and still will be) so much change in the next few months for Only One Mark, Inc. and Gus and I personally. Good and sad (if that makes sense). I have reached the point where you just need an encouraging push to take a step into the unknown. I feel like we are right on the dotted line before some great changes and I can taste it. With that being said, I'm freaking out a little over it. I am definitely someone that has anxiety over change and the unknown. It might be as bad as my fear of the Halloween section at most stores...but we don't have to talk about that at the moment. For right now, just keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I hope to have some great news to share soon. :) Back to the book, I will definitely let you know what I think of it once I finish. So far, I'm liking it.

Make It Happen  by Lara Casey

Make It Happen by Lara Casey

I'm also jumping onto a Calligraphy Bootcamp with Boxwood Avenue! I'm really excited because although I can "sketch" pretty calligraphy on chalkboards and such, I definitely don't consider myself to be a calligraphist. And did I forget to mention that it is completely FREE? Wish me luck as I make time to sit and learn this art method!

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Until Next Time!

Growing and Learning

Shouldn't we be doing that anyway?

Its been some time since we've blogged. There have been so many changes to everything with Only One Mark that its hard to keep track of it all. 

For the past three months, we have been creating and expanding Only One Mark farther than I think either of us had ever imagined it could go. Let's start off with the fact that we are now on a couple different Wedding Planning Websites including: Wedding Wire,, and OneWed. We really want to service other brides and event throwers to get the help they want in regards to their event stationary. If you want to be able to incorporate Elephants flying on a trapeze on your wedding invitation, I'm going to ask you what color tutu they are wearing. Ok...maybe that is a crazy example, but that is what I truly believe we are set out to do. 

We are signing up for Webinars (yes...they have those for event/wedding professionals), Seminars, and even connecting with other event/wedding vendors to learn how we can best do what we do. Not just for us, but so we can provide the best service possible to you, our clients. 

Another way we are learning is through your responses and reviews once we have completed a service for you. We love getting feedback on how we did (no really, we do). That's why I would like to encourage you to do the following: If you've hired us to complete a service for you, we would love it if you would go to either one or all the websites we mentioned above to let others know about our services.

If you've left a review, YOU. ARE. AWESOME!!  If you haven't, please take the time to do so, cause you're awesome too. I want people to hear even a teensy bit of your story because I think it's worth it. You're story, like I learned long ago, may be someone else's story with a few changed details. It makes us all feel like we aren't alone.