Heart + Hustle Podcast Interview #101 - Becoming a Full-Time Artist

Whether you are a full-time Entrepreneur that's been around for awhile or just starting your path to entrepreneurship, it's common to seek advice from different sources. Whether if it's from a daily newsletter, self-help book, or podcast, we tend to try to gain as much knowledge as we can. The ladies at Heart + Hustle Podcast are no different. Their motto is:

Dream Big. Work Hard. Repeat. ⚡️🖤

After meeting Charisma O'Keefe at the Your Story Workshop last year, I began listening to the podcast and got to listen to different topics discussed by herself, Angelica Yarde, and other women who talk about business and life. I was honored to be asked to join them for a recent episode discussing the evolution of my business, becoming a mom-preneur, and plans for Only One Mark's future.

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Hello Hustle - The Wonderland Experience

Ever felt like you are always ”busy”, always “planning” and it seems like your life goals are going nowhere? This is what I’m going to call the “Alice Effect”. Surprisingly, I think we all suffer a tad from the “Alice Effect” especially when you are really not keeping track of your daily actions and how they apply to your goal. Enter the Hello Hustle Workshop for 2018.

Mario A. Garcia - Strategic Intervention & Results Coach |   Neurostrategic Coach

Mario A. Garcia - Strategic Intervention & Results Coach |  Neurostrategic Coach

Victor Pierantoni – Results Coach |  Breakthrough to Victory

Victor Pierantoni – Results Coach | Breakthrough to Victory

Vision Boards led by Karen Comas of  Little House Originals

Vision Boards led by Karen Comas of Little House Originals


Being apart of Tuesdays Together Miami has provided me with a great opportunity of working with like minded creative entrepreneurs that do believe in the message of “community over competition”.   It’s not just some Kumbaya Mantra we recite each meeting. It is a legitimate time each month where the cat claws are put away and people help other like people with their businesses. And from time to time, Tuesdays Together Miami has hosted a few workshops to help said group of entrepreneurs focus in on topics like goal setting and marketing. This month, the 2nd Annual Hello Hustle was held and the day couldn’t have turned out any better. 

Wanna take a further look down the rabbit hole? Visit Erica Melissa’s blog to see more photos and info on how this year’s attendees learned how to  #notbelikeAlice.

Venue: Central Park Miami
Furniture Rentals: SLE Vintage & More
Paper goods | Calligraphy: Only One Mark Inc. 
Tableware | Teacups: Little House Originals



Hosted by: Tuesdays Together Miami

Maureen Czaykowsky  | Maureen C Weddings
Erica Rodriguez | Erica Melissa
Mario A. Garcia | Neurostrategic Coach

Victor Pierantoni | Breakthrough to Victory

Karen Comas | Little House Originals