Personal Wedding Email: Do It!

I've been noticing recently that there has been a growing trend where couples are doing something that I think is absolutely worth the effort. They are creating an email specifically for their wedding. There are so many pros to this movement that I just had to throw in my two cents about the topic. 

Here is why I think it is a great idea to have an email designated for your wedding:

1. Vendors will immediately be able to recognize your email.

Although your personal or work email may have your name in it, sometimes it can get really confusing to find your email when it has nothing to do with your first or last name (yes, I'm talking to all you AOL/AIM early 2000's users that thought it would be cute to have a name like

Tip: You can include your date in your email so that vendors know immediately whether they are available for your date or not. It also keeps us on task for any deadlines we may have with you.

2. Everything can be found in one place.

As it is, you probably have a large amount of emails from friends, family, coworkers, stores, and clubs you want to keep up with on any news or sales that you desperately have to take advantage of ;). However, when it comes to wedding planning, you really need to keep tabs on each conversation you have. Whether it be with a vendor, bridesmaid, venue, or guest, you will want to have record of every message that is sent in or out of your inbox. It will help save time when you are desperately searching your inbox for that contract you had to send the florist a month ago. ;)

Tip: You could actually take it a step further and create folders for each of your vendors and store all emails pertaining to them in one SPECIFIC place.

3. Conserves clutter from your main/work email once your event has passed. 

Let's face it. After your wedding, you may not want to keep receiving emails from those wedding websites giving you tips and ideas for the wedding you already had. You can choose to shut off completely or ignore it until you need the information for the next big event. 


All you need in the email name is your names (celebrated couple) and possibly your date. Nowadays it is very simple to sign up for an email. Not one of them will ask you for payment no matter how ridiculous your name or reason for having it sounds. 

Tip: Gmail and Outlook are my favorite email providers. Why? Because they allow for customized signatures that includes photos or links. They display them very nicely and carries over to most email providers (unless the vendor or person has a strict email server that only allows text emails).

And that tip leads me to an even BIGGER TIP!!

Include your image at the bottom of your signature with your date.

As a vendor, I see and meet multiple couples within the same day. Unless we had a really great conversation, I'm might not instantaneously remember what you look like or if you were the bride that wanted the Coral and Mint color combination instead of the Gold and Navy combo when I speak to you after a bridal expo or show. We are human. Adding a photo to your signature will not only remind us of whom we are speaking to, but also familiarize us with whom we are working for. Seriously!! 

Also if you have a wedding website, link it in your signature as well. Its fun to get to know a little about you before I meet you so we have stuff to relate to other than what type of design you want for your invitations. Oh and for extra points, add your hashtag for the event (if you already have one) to the bottom of your email as well. This way, if a vendor posts up an image of anything they have created for your big day, they can tag you. :) 

Now that I've given my two cents, what do you think? Are you using a personalized email? How is it working for you?