Modern High Tea with a Vintage, Travel Twist

The most feminine theme for a party I would ever think of is that of a tea party. I'm not sure if you did as a little girl, but I remember being taken to multiple tea parties while in elementary school. One would sip the tea with their pinkies in the air and taste little sandwiches and treats prepared by the owner of the tea parlor.

Now as an adult, I've seen a huge influx of Bridal Showers themed with having a Tea Party in mind. Almost a "Bridal Tea" if you will. Actually, I've had the pleasure in designing some gorgeous stationary for one recently. Take a look at how awesome a this theme can be when you mix a bit of Vintage and Modern touches to a travel infused tea party!!

The Entrance Table not only had small, vintage touches, but it had personal touches including the celebrated couple's story and the Bridal Tea Invitation (which was a surprise to the Bride).

In order to ensure that guests would wait until the celebrated Bride-To-Be's arrival to feast on the yummy sandwiches and treats, a sheer curtain was placed in front of the buffet.

What Bridal Shower wouldn't be complete with a banner proclaiming the Bride's transition from "Miss" to "Mrs". 

Place Cards with the name of each dish will help guests decipher what they are dining on and make the line for the buffet move quicker.

Adding framed quotes treats guests to special details that make the event look even more fabulous.

The Bride-to-Be's table should have the most attention to detail. After all, she is the one we are celebrating!! ;)

Thanking your guests for attending your special event is a must.

What truly inspired this suite's design was a push to have something special and extremely detailed. We know Jane loved her Bridal Tea as much as we loved helping make every detail count.

Our Lovely Bride-to-Be, Jane

Our Lovely Bride-to-Be, Jane

Special thanks to Carina Bergouignan who supplied the awesome detail shots for Jane's Travel Bridal Tea.